Robb Finberg

Robb Finberg's testimony, continued... I prayed for several and then I noticed that our Jewish boy was in the prayer line.

I said, “Robb, what are you doing in the prayer line?” He stated that he wanted to know about this Jesus bit. I stated, “Robb, before I explain this to you. I am going to invoke upon you Ephesians 1:18 ‘That your eyes of understanding be enlightened’ and commanded Satan to leave.”

As I was doing this, he shouted, “I understand, I understand.”

I said, Robb, what do you understand?”

He stated, “I understand that Jesus was from the foundation of the World.”

Robb became a wonderful Christian, went to Bethany Bible College in Santa Cruz, California and graduated four years later as the Salutatorian of his class. Pastor Robb married a beautiful Jewish lady, Nora, and they now have two wonderful sons, Ariel & Ethan.


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