Interview with Bill Ashpole

Q. What are some of the highlights of your Ministry?

Regardless where we have pastored or Evangelized, we have seen souls saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and healed. Sometimes we ministered one on one like Jesus did or it may of been in our churches where we pastored or in wonderful revivals as we traveled to areas of the Atlantic Ocean and the South Pacific Islands. We have ministered in small and large churches, District Councils and World Conferences where there were many hundreds to several thousands of people. We have seen blind eyes opened, goiters disappear, the lame to walk, marriages reunited, have a baby when the doctors tell them that it cannot happen and their dreams come true.

Q. In your ministry, have you seen young and old inter into the Lord's work?

First of all, Bonnie Lou & I were called into the ministry along with some 36 other young people who went to North Central Bible College in Minneapolis, Minnesota or went directly into ministry from a Revival that lasted for years at Wells, Minnesota Assembly of God Church. Our pastors were Rev. & Mrs. Sanford Carlson, Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Nelson, & Rev. & Mrs. Ed Gunderson.

Many came to the Lord through our ministry in Minnesota, Arkansas and here in Hawaii. Read some of their testimonies.